Strap design knowledge of jumbo bag

jumbo bag

People who have used jumbo bags must know that there is a strap on the jumbo bag for easy lifting. Sling plays a vital role in the lifting process, so jumbo bag manufacturers in the design of the strap should be enough attention. So how to design a sling is enough science?

jumbo bag in the design to consider the volume of tons of bags, containing the weight of the load and the number of packaging units, but also consider the distance and the number of transport distances and handling times, the use of which means of transport and transport methods. For the above factors, the load-bearing capacity of the Sling should be very good, the general jumbo bag bearing is basically more than one ton, so before the use of the batch to do the testing of tensile force.

When the Sling is connected with the bag body, there are various forms of ceiling hanging, bottom hanging, side hanging, etc., and through the suture connection, so the future is also very important, only with high strength, fabric and suture can not reach a certain strength, can not ensure the overall performance of the jumbo bag.

jumbo bag wants to achieve higher performance, not only need to consider the design of the Sling but also need to improve the overall.

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