How to use the jumbo bag correctly in the workshop?

jumbo bag

Jumbo bag factory will tell you about the use of jumbo bag in the workshop.

  1. During the lifting operation, please hang the lifting hook on the middle part of the sling or rope without skewing, hanging vertically or dragging a jumbo bag.
  2. When working in the workshop, the pallet should be used. It is better not to immediately fork jumbo bag and transports it while shaking.
  3. jumbo bag does not need to be placed on the pavement of the workshop or on the outdoor concrete to be dragged around immediately.
  4. When the jumbo bag is stored outdoors as a last resort, it is necessary to put the jumbo bag on the storage shelf. the jumbo bag must be tightly covered with a firm shed cloth.
  5. There is no need to bump and rub with other sharp objects during the operation, hook or bump jumbo bag.
  6. After the operation, wrap a jumbo bag with high-density opaque tent cloth and place it in a cool place.