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80700 Double Needle FIBC Bag Sewing Machine

YT80700 Two Needle Independent Row, Double Locked Chainstith Machine

Used To Sew Up The Braided Bag Outside PP
This Sewing Machine Combines The Chain Type Thread Mark With Wrapping Up The Sideline Mark. It Adopts Pairs Machine Needle, Gives The Material On Having Level Charge In Organization, Level Station Board, Four Lines Safety Line Mark. Suitable For Sewing Up The Braided Bags Outside The Polypro Pylene Bigger In Thickness.

seam specification (401.401)SSa-2
Maximum speed 1400 rpm
Net weight 52kg
Stitch range 6-12mm
Feed Feeding up and down
Need type and size UY9853G 430
Sewing capacity 22mm
Electric motor power 550w
Diameter of hand wheel pully 150mm
needle distance 7.2mm



GK35-1 Double-Thread Container Bag Making Machine

◇ For Making Bags,
◇ One-Needle Double-Thread
◇ Multinomial Technical Improvement
◇ Adjust Pressure By Means Of Presser Foot Plate Spring
◇ Mechanical Thread Chain Cutter
◇ Finest Quality In Sewing and Operating


Max. Speed 1900rpm
Working Speed 1600rpm
Thickness Of Material 15mm
Thread Chain Cutter Manual Operated
Stitch Range 9-15mm
Needle UOX1975-280 UOX1970-400
Thread Terylene/Plastic Thread
Stitch Type 401
Net Weight 27kg
Sewing Sample

GN20 -Thread Edging Machine For Bags-Making



GN20-2 Type 2-Thread Edging Machine For Bags-Making Is Suitable For Sewing Up Different Kind Of Woven Bags Such As Gunny-Bag and /Or PP/PE Bags.It Has A Strong Function To Punch Through and Gives A Durable Quality.The Edge Width Could Be 10-16mm.If You Wish,Only Change A Few Of The Parts,It Can Also Be Used For Sewing Up Edges Ranging From 18mm To 20mm.
GN20-2C Type 2-Thread Attachment Strip Edging Machine For Woven Bag Is Suitable For Sewing Up Different
Kind Of PP/PE Woven Bags.Using This Method,Attachment Strip Can Be Added While Sewing Operation Is On,Saving
The Steps Of Sewing Up The Attachment Strip Separately.This Method Is Economical and Practical Method and Features
Nice-Looking Appearance.


Stitch Type 503
Stitch Range 7-16mm
Thread Type Polypropylene/Chinlan
Needle GN20-400/33#
Overedging Width 15mm(10mm Available With Special Order)
Thickness Of Material 14mm
Max.Speed 1400rpm
Motor Power 370W

YT255 Sewing Machine


YT255 Upper and Lower Feed Lockstitch For The Heavily and Most Bulky Materials Is Featured With Singleneedle,Link Take-Up Lever,High Precision Screwygear Driver and Big Rotating Hook.Besides The Capabilities Possessed By Ordinary Upper and Lower Feed Sewing Machine,The Biggest Strongpoint Is That It Can Work Smoothlyon The Heavy Sewing Material and Thick Sewing Thread Due To Its Special Upper Feed Structure.
This Series Is Suitable For Sewing On Boxes,Bags,Leather Workpiece,Sofa,Tent and Mat Etc.



2B 2BL20
Max.Sewing Speed 1200s.p.m 1200s.p.m
Max.Stitch Length 14mm
Presser Foot Lifting Heigh 15mm By Hand,15mm Above With Pedal
Altemate Presser Foot Range 4mm-6mm
Presser Foot Synchronized With Feed Dog Max Stroke Not Less Than 14mm
Roating Hook Oversize Roating Hook
Needle DDx124# -27#
Lubricating Type Lubricate By Hand
Electromotor Power 0.5kw(Only For Sewing Machine)