Leak-proof design for a jumbo bag

jumbo bag

Jumbo bag factory introduces the leak-proof design of jumbo bag:

Jumbo bag of raw materials: fabric, the sling should be improved, jumbo bag suture should be particularly strong, to strengthen the use of sewing.

1, ordinary sewing on the folded seam twice on it, strengthen the use of fold sewing, sewing two times another plus twisted; the jumbo bag will not because of Sewing is not strong and spread.

2, inside the bag, can also be used in the form of oblique reinforcement to strengthen the firm jumbo bag.

3, jumbo bag sometimes to dress powder is not, such as mineral powder, powder, flour, etc., general enterprises are using the machine air filling, ordinary jumbo bag once the air filling, the powder will not with the air from the pores at the suture leakage, PE bag can not be used in this case.

Only in jumbo bag seams with leak-proof design: generally in the form of sliver suture. It can be a good solution to this problem.