How to use the fibc bag specification

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In recent years, fibc bag manufacturers of a variety of fibc bag has been widely used, especially in the construction industry more applications, mainly for the transport of cement, mortar and other materials. However, the operator in the use of fibc bag must be carried out in strict accordance with the specifications, so as to ensure the safety of transport, the following fibc bag manufacturers on the use of flexible fibc bag specification to do a detailed introduction, I hope to bring some help to you.

1,in the process of production.Staff do not stand under the fibc bag,this will affect the mechanical work, do not use oblique hanging way.

2, please hang the hook in the central part of the Sling or Sling.Single-sided hanging or cable-stayed hanging fibc bag .Hook up or collide with the fibc bag .

3, do not rub with other items in the operation.

4, do not pull the sling to the outside in reverse.Do not touch the fork or tie it to the bag body.

5, fibc bag when using forklift operations.Prevent puncturing fibc bag .Try to use the tray.

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6, in the process of handling.We must be careful to prevent the use of hanging hook fibc bag, side shaking side handling.Stick to the fibc bag upright when unloading and stacking.

7, loading.The staff must wear our overalls to load the goods.

8, do not put the fibc bag upright.

9, do not drag the fibc bag on the ground or concrete.fibc bag should be placed on the shelf,so that we can operate.

10, had to be kept outdoors.And be sure to cover the fibc bag tightly with an opaque shed cloth .Wrap the fibc bag with paper or opaque shed cloth.

In order to ensure the safety of fibc bag in the use of the process, the relevant operators must be carried out in accordance with the specification requirements.In the process of loading, lifting, handling, etc., it is important to be careful, to avoid fibc bag by hook or collision, otherwise it will cause great losses.