Interpreting fibc bags printing issues

FIBC bag

The quality of fibc bags generally depends on people, equipment, raw materials, as well as operating methods and production environment. The following tons of bags, tons of bags, FIBC bags xiaobian to give you an interpretation.
First, personnel problems: personnel problems mainly reflect the staff’s sense of responsibility and technical proficiency.
Second, equipment problems: the production of fibc bags equipment aging, drying and bag feeding technology is poor, etc. will lead to fibc bags production process adhesion and other problems.
Third, the raw material problems: raw material problems, including the quality of the ink, the degree of uniformity of mixing, the quality of the bag sheet, or offset problems, etc., will lead to printing problems.
The above problems are fibc bags production problems often exist,in order to ensure the excellent quality of fibc bags, to fundamentally improve the production of fibc bags.