How does food grade fibc heat up?

Food grade fibc is often used in the process of transportation of goods packaging, mostly used in textile silk, cloth and other clothing. We know that food grade fibc is mostly made of plastic material raw materials processing, and in the transport process often encounter long hours of work, so that food grade fibc becomes hot.Therefore, in use must be operated in accordance with the normal method, in order to avoid danger.

In the process of food grade fibc, some manufacturers will use some special materials to make food grade fibc more high temperature, but even so, in the transport process, still need to pay attention to the following situations:

1, please hang the hook in the central part of the Sling or Sling, do not oblique hanging, single-sided hanging or cable-stayed hanging high temperature food grade fibc.

2, the operation do not let the high temperature food grade fibc friction with other items, hook or collision high temperature food grade fibc.

3, do not pull the sling to the outside in reverse.

4, high temperature food grade fibc when using forklift operations, please do not make contact with the fork or tie to the bag body, to prevent puncturing high temperature food grade fibc.

5,in the workshop handling, try to use the tray, to avoid hanging hook with high temperature food grade fibc, side shaking side handling.

6,in the Loading, Unloading and stacking should maintain high temperature food grade fibc upright.