Improve efficiency by loading cement with jumbo bag

jumbo bag

Cement is the main material to build a house, often see the cement packaging is in the form of woven bags plus lining, usually a bag of cement in about 100 pounds. We know that the use of cement as an important building materials, the amount is very large, small bags of cement, although very convenient to use, but in the transport process, encountered the car is broken,the need for transport will be very troublesome.Affected by the current logistics, with jumbo bag cement, can be easily used, but also fast transport, very convenient, low cost.

Cement because of its easy to fly afraid of moisture characteristics, transportation must be used when the package.The bagged cement is easy to handle, metering, storage, and the same situation is higher than the price of bulk cement, so despite the current China’s cement industry in vigorously promote bulk cement, but enterprises are still widely used bagged method.

In 1,000 tons of cement shipping, for example, the traditional manual handling unloading from the ship to the shore takes at least 2-3 days, labor costs per ton of cement about 20 to 30 yuan, in addition to the addition of ship parking fees, bagged cement damage caused by the loss.The jumbo bag costs only 2 dollars per ton, high efficiency, no damage.In comparison, the advantages of loading cement with jumbo bag are obvious.

Easy loading and unloading, for the cement industry to reduce labor costs is the embodiment of the vitality of our products.And the breakage rate is 0, reducing the pollution caused by cement dust, in line with environmental requirements.