Conductive process of conductive container bag

conductive container bag

The following is a brief introduction: most of the existing container bag using synthetic fiber material (such as polypropylene or polyethylene fiber material) as the container bag fabric. With this fabric bag, its firmness, flexibility, and price are very appropriate. But the biggest drawback is that this kind of fabric friction can produce static charge, use it to make the container bag, in the loading and unloading process the inevitable friction will make the container bag surface spark, resulting in the bag object fire or explosion, therefore, the container bag use safety is not guaranteed.

  Since we know the charge on the container bag is how to produce, then the container bag how to eliminate static electricity can take appropriate measures to eliminate static electricity: the general conductive container bag is added to the container bag conductive wire. Such conductive container can achieve the following effects:

First, the bag body loading port and suspenders are conductive wire, bag body and Sling suture, straps and loading port and the bag body to form a conductive network. Due to the spacing of the conductive wire of the bag body<5CM, the surface resistance of the bag body can be<10 ohms.

Second, in the bag body suture can also increase the anti-leakage rope suture bag body surface also has a leak-proof layer, so that the suture can be blocked and the bag body fabric fibers exist between the pores, more suitable for packaging and storage powder material surface does not leak. In order to avoid the generation of static sparks, people usually interwoven vertical and horizontal manner woven into the conductive fibers in the woven fabric, and then use this fabric to sew the container bag, but this container bag during use, the ground electrode must be Earth and reliable connection, in order to timely release of static electricity through the conductive fibers, second-hand tons of bags in order to overcome the deficiencies of the prior art, so there has been a new type of conductive container: low static container. Bag body is provided with a feed tube, the bag body and the feed tube woven fabric unidirectional parallel spaced woven into the conductive fibers, the conductive fiber fineness of 30~150dtex;as an improvement of the conductive container, the lower end of the low-static container bag body is provided with a discharge tube, provided with lugs on the bag Body; 1/2-5/6 inches, the optimum spacing of 2/3 inches.

Through the above two points to improve, can achieve the following effects:
  Can not be grounded to the atmosphere corona discharge, effectively eliminating the surface static container bag, to avoid the conventional product to the ground electrode and the Earth reliable connection, in order to timely release the static electricity through the conductive fibers trouble; low static container may also be provided with a discharge tube and lugs as needed; other low static container bag explosive dangerous occasions. In the bag, the body can also increase the leakage preventing suture rope suture, the inner surface of the bag body also has a leak-proof layer (PE inner bag), can also achieve the purpose of anti-leakage. It can also be used to hold powder and thick material.