Working principle of conductive container bag

Conductive bag

1: Overview of conductive container
  Conductive container bag is woven in the bag body through the fabric and harness the conductive wire grounding from the conductive effect. Effectively remove static electricity generated during loading and unloading, prevent burning and explosion, mainly used in chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries packaging of dangerous goods.

2: conductive container bag classification
  Conductive container bag also called anti-static container bag, now in the use of conductive container bag can be divided into conductive container bag and low static container bag.

3: the principle of conductive container
  Whether it is the kind of conductive container, the ultimate goal is the same: it is to eliminate the charge generated by friction on the container.
General conductive container bag is added to the conductive wire in the container bag,this container bag shape and other parameters with ordinary container bag is the same,the only difference is in the container bag body, sling, loading port, loading port and locking are conductive wire,conductive wire in contact with the conductive film,the bag body conductive wire spacing<5CM, or a truncated pyramid or a truncated cone; its loading port may be one, or maybe 2; suture at the outer edge of the bag body which can have a locking edge. Such conductive container up to exclude static effect.