Analysis of the sewing inspection requirements of jumbo bag

jumbo bag


Jumbo bag It is made of polyethylene or polypropylene resin as the main raw material and a small amount of auxiliary materials. After blending, the plastic film is melted and extruded by the extruder, cut into wires, and then the drawing is stopped below the melting temperature of the resin. After molecular orientation and heat setting, the flat wire with high strength and low elongation is made. After warping, weaving and laminating, the plastic woven cloth is made as the base cloth, which is sewn with sling and shroud jumbo bag 。

The appearance requirements are as follows: the warp and weft lines of the base cloth are not allowed to present two broken holes at the same place, two less sparse files are not allowed to present within 100mm2, and obvious wrong weaving is not allowed. The base cloth coating shall not present the composite quality problems such as cracking, lack of film, delamination, bubble, hard block, etc. The sewing request shall be straight, without needle dropping, thread breaking, floating thread, no brooch, over needle, return needle at the place of needle dropping shall not be less than 3-needle sling request, with the limit deviation of 40mm. The printing pattern, text and mark shall be correct and clear, and the position shall be accurate.

Performance test method: jumbo bag used as the transport package of export commodities shall stop the top lifting test, dumping test, vertical impact drop test, positive position test, tear propagation test, etc. The handle type jumbo bag only stops vertical impact drop test, dumping test and base cloth test. For example, due to the export demand, in the process of ton bag consumption, anti UV ton bag has participated in the anti aging degree and anti UV ton bag in raw PP, and also improved the tensile strength of ton bag. At present, anti UV ton bag is widely used in product packaging of various industries.

Top lifting test: keep pressure at 6 times load for 5min. Vertical impact drop test: drop freely at 0.8m height. Dumping experiment: pull down the rack at a height of 0.8m, lift one end of the movable board, and drop the sample bag in the air. Positive position experiment: lift single or double straps (if there are four straps) close to the air to separate the bag from the air. The bag body and sling shall be free from damage and the contents shall be free from leakage.