What causes FIBC bag breakage?

FIBC bag


FIBC bag in the production process, there will be broken by the phenomenon, this is a very common phenomenon, today FIBC bag maternity leave to explain to you what we will lead to broken by the situation, pay attention in the future production. fibfib
1, the ambient temperature is too low.The ambient temperature is too low, generally below 5℃, flat wire obviously brittle, broken wire probability increased significantly.Below 10℃, brittle fracture may occur.Ambient humidity is too low on the flat wire broken wire affect not as sensitive to temperature, generally at a relative humidity of 50% or less, prone to broken wire.However, the ambient temperature is low and the relative humidity is small, easy to break the wire.
2, Individual warp yarn strength is low.The reason for the low strength of individual FIBC bag by wire spindles may be in the transport turnover process, the surface or both ends of the hard surface is scratched, flat silk fiber tissue in large chunks of impurities, not molten masterbatch or crystal points.In addition to recycled materials, due to individual flat wire is too thin or too narrow, generally will not break through.
3, flat wire fluff.Some fluff flat wire in the weaving process through a variety of threading holes and brown silk hole friction began to split wire, split Wire has been then through the shuttle rolling, retaining bar friction, broken wire phenomenon occurs frequently.
4, slub silk and defect silk.Large slub silk and wide flat silk slub silk, it is difficult to pass through the brown silk hole, is pulled off.Slub silk itself has not been drawn at low strength, brown silk hole slightly blocked, which may be broken wire.
The above 4 points will lead to FIBC bag broken by the phenomenon, so we try to avoid this situation in this link, reduce the broken by the situation.