Jumbo bag spinning process FAQ analysis

jumbo bags

Of course, the printing quality of the container tons of bags depends on the following elements, personnel issues: personnel issues mainly reflect the employee’s sense of obligation and technical proficiency level. Equipment technology: container tons of bag equipment consumption aging, drying, and bag feeding technology will lead to the container bag consumption process presents a variety of adhesions and other issues. The raw material is good or bad: including ink quality, mixing average, bag quality, or offset printing problems, and other raw material problems will lead to printing problems.

Jumbo bag manufacturers in the consumption of jumbo bag are very careful, they will use the data processing, which will use the spinning process consumption FIBC, but spinning process compared to the trouble, always present in the consumption or more or fewer problems, but the phenomenon of bamboo during surgery, what is the reason? The cooling water temperature is high. The crystallinity of the polypropylene film is too large.

Stretching temperature is low. Oven temperature is low, or uneven temperature spread, which leads to spinning is stretched at inappropriate temperatures. The extrusion temperature is low. The extrusion temperature is low, the film is not plasticized. The stretch ratio is low. The stretch ratio is low, the blank is not stretched enough. Bag manufacturers in the packaging process of consumption in the process of consumption of bamboo yarn have a great impact on the quality of the bag, so the net bag manufacturers will spend a lot of human and material resources. About this.

jumbo bag is a new type of packaging container. Admittedly not presented for a long time, but it carried out quickly. The use of container bags can speed up loading and unloading efficiency. Its large capacity, loading, and unloading speed. Paper bag packaging a lot; transport is also very bento, the jumbo bag has a special ring, bento lifting equipment used. the jumbo bag takes up very good space. After folding can store empty bags, but after the expansion of the empty bag capacity; container bags use long life, can be used repeatedly.