TYPE A is not anti-static FIBC bags?

Type A: FIBC bags are commonly used, among which u-bag and cubic bags, cone bags, and leakproof bags are the largest bags we produce.

Type B: antistatic bag, with an inner coating, with a breakdown voltage of no more than 4 kV on the bag body. This FIBC bag can be used in places with combustible dust, but not in dangerous areas.

Type C: Taihua Group factory produces its own conductive flat wire, weaves C-type conductive base cloth and produces C-type conductive bags and conductive inner bags. This kind of bag is suitable for filling and discharging in the environment of inflammable dust or explosive gas and has a correct grounding, so it is not dangerous.

Type D: this kind of bag is suitable for the packaging of various products that need to be packed with conductive bags. Its characteristic is that it does not need grounding. The static dissipative bag with anti-static coating and corona discharge effect is developed and produced by the factory.