Two unloading methods of jumbo bag

jumbo bag

Jumbo bag is a product that is often used in large-scale logistics. We should also pay attention to its unloading methods when using it. What are the two common unloading methods? The following is a brief report from the co-author of the magazine:

Jumbo bag unloads materials according to the type of jumbo bag you are using. One type has a funnel under it. When unloading materials, it only needs to untie the originally tied rope when lifting to leak the materials.
The other is fixed bottom, most of which can be unloaded only after the first row is opened, which brings inconvenience to the secondary recycling. The different jumbo bag have different unloading methods, so when they are used

It is necessary to distinguish the types to ensure their effectiveness.

Of course, we should also pay attention to safety when unloading, after all, safety is important. Another thing is that when we use it, we should pay attention to check the jumbo bag to avoid damage.