The lifespan of Jumbo Bags and resistance to Violet masterbatch

jumbo bag

Jumbo Bags often use the environment in the outdoors by the light, the amount of light in each region is not the same, will cause some foreign mistakenly believe that Jumbo Bags UV protection does not meet the requirements. It is recommended that Jumbo Bags manufacturers increase the amount of anti-Violet masterbatch appropriately according to the light difference of the region on the basis of the requirements of foreign businessmen, in order to improve product quality and prolong service life.

Jumbo Bags factory’s main processing raw materials are generally about three points:

1, the raw material: Hebei Wanfeng Jumbo Bags are using new material, some manufacturers will manufacture jumbo Bags special low price, then consider whether to use the return material, Jumbo Bags price labor costs under the condition of almost, We must see whether the material is a new pellet, whether to add an excess of back material, whether added modifier (calcium carbonate masterbatch),

2, masterbatch: masterbatch prices are also very different, some pigments can play on the anti-aging effect of Jumbo Bags, the impact on the life of Jumbo Bags is also very large, whether the use of Surface-Coated rutile titanium masterbatch, whether the yellow pigment with very good weather resistance, the blue pigment contains free copper, etc. will have a great impact on

3, anti-purple form and dosage can play a big role in the aging of Jumbo Bags, powdery UV due to the specific gravity and size and PP particles vary greatly, will produce precipitation, it is difficult to uniformly disperse the PP pellets, which will lead to pulling out the flat wire some very good, some very poor, thus affecting the anti-agingThe size and specific gravity and PP similar anti-purple masterbatch would not have such a problem.

Jumbo Bags according to the requirements to add anti-UV masterbatch, UV content can be selectively added according to different customer needs.

1, the UV content of masterbatch: each plant anti-purple masterbatch, the content may not be the same, the quality of the price is also very different, if foreign only provides the amount of anti-purple masterbatch, then the factory may use low UV content, low price of masterbatch, resulting in low UV content in Jumbo Bags. Jumbo Bags short turnaround period, UV content is generally low will not be a problem, but once a group of Jumbo Bags use a little longer, there will be damage to the accident, to the foreign impression is the factory used anti-purple masterbatch quality is not stable.

2, masterbatch formula to consider the cost, it is necessary to consider the cost of production should also consider the life of Jumbo Bags, masterbatch formulations in different factories will be different, whether to take into account the various factors affecting the life of jumbo Bags formula, jumbo Bags determines the stability of the application in a variety of climatic conditions.

3, masterbatch production: masterbatch production process parameters mature and stable, can guarantee the masterbatch in the process of UV loss is minimized.

4, masterbatch supplier brand awareness: general production has a long history of the enterprise Jumbo Bags are very mature, will not produce any quality problems, will choose a reliable long-term cooperation of masterbatch supply units, will from all aspects to enhance their product quality, service level, there is a standard system to protect the long-term stability of Enterprise Products, will not

Climatic factors, the quality of raw materials and the UV content of the anti-purple masterbatch are the three elements that influence the use effect of Jumbo Bags.