The importance of jumbo bag stress test

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About jumbo bag this high quality and high frequency of use of packaging products,there is a problem is inevitable, and these problems infix line is one of the very important issues, and how to deal with it has become our urgent need Oh. Disconnection is jumbo bag sewing often encountered problems, suture quality does not meet the request, improper adjustment of the machine, over the line parts have sharp mouth, operating methods have problems, needle cooling is not abundant, etc., will lead to disconnection. jumbo bag factory direct jumbo bag is not allowed to present short-term phenomenon.

When using the lock stitch jumbo bag sewing machine sewing uneven thickness of the product encountered disconnection fault, in addition to thinking one by one to analyze the above reasons,but also should pay attention to the two hook line caused disconnection.Sewing machine industry is well known, due to the needs of the distribution operation cycle design, lock stitch jumbo bag sewing machine shaft and hook transmission ratio of 1: 2.That is, the upper shaft to turn a week, the Rotary hook shaft to turn two weeks.

jumbo bag bearing large cargo and large tonnage of goods special plastic bags,and woven bags is different, jumbo bag is oriented to large tonnage of goods, request bearing capacity and compressive performance comparison is strong, this is our full view and a consensus.So, about jumbo bag compression performance test is very important,what are these aspects?

Overall, the jumbo bag is lightweight.Can be used for harsh conditions of the environment;good permeability, easy to clean;in jumbo bag lined with a film or coated with a layer of plastic, it has a waterproof, moisture-proof performance, but also progress of the plastic woven bag jumbo bag lubricity, is not conducive to jumbo bag stacking.