The importance of jumbo bag stress test

FIBC bag

Jumbo bag bearing large cargo and large tonnage of goods special plastic bags,and woven bags is different, jumbo bag is oriented to large tonnage of goods, requiring bearing capacity and compression performance is relatively strong, this is what we have seen and a consensus. So, for jumbo bag compression performance test is very important,what are these aspects?

Overall, jumbo bag is light in weight.Low cost, reusable; high tensile strength and impact resistance, and elongation is small; wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, durable, can be used in harsh conditions of the environment; good permeability, easy to clean; in jumbo bag lined with a film or coated with a layer of plastic, it has excellent waterproof, moisture resistance, but also improve the plastic woven bag jumbo bag

Plastic woven bag limited heat resistance, resistance to purple jumbo bag poor, easy to reduce the strength of outdoor use.Has excellent cushioning shock resistance,excellent sound insulation, heat insulation, good heat sealing, but also has a non-toxic, tasteless, impact resistance, moisture, corrosion resistance, good transparency and so on.