The characteristics of jumbo bag used in different industries

jumbo bags

The performance of the jumbo bag is very good, so it is widely used. But not all of the jumbo bags are the same, some of them have exclusive performance. So today, we come to understand several industry-specific jumbo bags and their application characteristics.

1. The characteristics of cement jumbo bag: it has enough strength in structure. It is widely used in the cement and clinker industry for its characteristics of loading, unloading, and operating for a hundred years. And with the function of moisture-proof, waterproof and dustproof, radiation-proof!

2. Flexible jumbo bag is widely used in the transportation and packaging of powder, grain, medicine, chemical industry, mineral products etc. jumbo bag is widely used as the packaging product for transportation and storage. It is suitable for transporting bulk powder and granular materials.

3. Conductive jumbo bag: it is mainly used for the packaging of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods such as the chemical industry. It can effectively release all kinds of static electricity for a long time and eliminate the harm of static electricity. Avoid explosion accidents during loading, unloading, and transportation. The conductive silk is woven into the bag body and sling.

4. Jumbo bag, also known as ton bag of lead-zinc ore, is a kind of flexible transport packaging container. The main data are PP and PE. It is suitable for the transport of lead-zinc ore in bags for long-distance or ocean transportation.

Due to different industries, there will be some differences in the design of the jumbo bag, which is that the technology industry has expertise. If you need a jumbo bag, welcome to consult our wanhefeng Packaging Co., Ltd.