Sling bag’s precautions and industry standards

sling bag

Matters needing attention in handling and transportation of sling bag

  1. Do not stand under a sling bag during forklift and crane lifting operations.
  2. Please hang the hanging hook on the center of the sling or rope of sling bag. Do not hang the sling obliquely. Hang the sling on one side or diagonally.
  3. Do not rub with other articles, hook or collide with sling bag during operation.
  4. When hoisting, do not pull the sling outward in a reverse direction.
  5. When a sling bag uses a forklift truck for operation, please do not make the fork contact or stick it into the lifting generation to prevent the lifting belt from being broken.
  6. When handling the workshop, try to use a wooden pallet, and avoid using a sling bag to move while shaking.
  7. keep sling bag upright during loading, unloading, and stacking.
  8. do not erectly sling bag.
  9. do not drag the sling bag on the ground or concrete.
  10. When it is necessary to keep it outdoors, a sling bag should be placed on the shelf and must be tightly covered with opaque tent cloth.
  11. After use, wrap sling bag with paper or opaque tent cloth and store it in a ventilated place. During hoisting, the hoisting must be balanced.
    Slingbag’s size standard is an important standard for logistics unitization. The sling bag is directly related to storage shelves, transported products, containers, transportation vehicles, unloading platforms and transportation facilities, etc. Therefore, the specifications and dimensions of the sling bag are the basis for considering the specifications and dimensions of other logistics equipment.
    For example, the sizes and widths of sling bags are 2300mm and 2700 mm. the former holds two sling bags of 1200mm×1000mm, while the latter holds three sling bags of 1200 mm× 800 mm. The flow direction of the sling bag loaded with goods directly affects the choice of sling bag size.
    Usually, the size of the sling bag (1200mm×1000mm) should be selected for goods destined for Europe. It is especially worth mentioning that in order to establish an effective sling bag utility system, a unified standard sling bag must be used. sling bag standardization is the premise for sling bag operation to be consistent.