Reasons for FIBC bags suture strength

FIBC bags

FIBC bags are different from ordinary woven bags because his bearing capacity than ordinary packaging is much larger, so his various parts of the suture are critical requirements, rather than ordinary plastic bags as simple heat on the line, is the need to go through multiple processes and other components are combined.
This goal is the FIBC bags the most important, the most important goal. The main factors affecting the strength of the suture are the variety and type of suture, stitch size, stitch, stitch, stitch or fold the suture to the edge of the bag scale, eager and cold cutting methods.
In general, FIBC bags production companies should develop internal control objectives for these influencing factors. About FIBC bags, national norms in the rules, the tensile strength of the main part of the convergence is necessary to reach more than 67% of the fundamental strength, the tensile strength of the bottom part of the convergence is necessary to reach more than 42% of the fundamental strength. On the cement bag on the sealing socket, advocate as the seam to the strength of the disposal, on the paper bag seam to the strength of the bottom, usually is not up to the goal, it is advocated to paste the bottom of the bag. About laminating cold cut bag, advocated the use of curling treatment, because of the cold cut marginal suture may tear out from the warp and weft. On the strength of the demand for non-woven bag catchy edge Week, Needle distance can be dense, the line can be fine.
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