Notes for ton bag and Sling convergence

ton bag

Ton bag is mainly loaded with bulk,granular or powdered items, the physical density of the contents and the degree of lax effect on the overall results are clearly different.

On the basis of ton bag function determination,as far as possible to use close to the customer to load the goods to do the experiment, this is the standard written in the“experimental common standard filler”, as far as possible to make technical standards to meet the market economy.

In general, after lifting the experiment ton bag is not the effect.If in the port, railway, truck lifting, the bag really fell up, just two cases:first, the operation is wrong,the second is the class ton bag failed to mention hanging experiment.

Where you can reach more than 5 times the safety factor of ton bag, four rings in two or two rings in a must have a rated load of more than twice and a half of the tension function, even if the two sling off, ton bag all will not result.