How to Container pack tons of bags?

1 ton cement bags

Precautionary measures:

1) in the rising work does not stand under the bag of the congregation.

2) Please hang the hook in the central part of the sling or rope, do not hang, hang on one side or tilt hanging bag.

3) Work does not rub with other parts, hook or collision bags.

4) Do not pull lanyards to the outer reverse.

5) when bagging when using the forklift work, please do not make the plugin contact with or bind to the body of the bag, in order to prevent tying the broken assembly bag.

1 tonne bulk bags

6) In the workshop when handling, try using a tray, avoid with a hanging hook putting in bags, shake the side of the side when adjusting.

7) in loading, unloading and stacking to keep the assembly bag upright.

8) Do not lay the bag in an upright position.

9) Do not drag the bag on the ground or concrete.

10) in case of need for external storage, the bag should be placed on the shelf and should be securely covered with opaque fabric.

11) after use, with a paper or an opaque bag deposited in a ventilated place.

The scope of application of tonnage bags is chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, plastic raw materials, food additive, feed additive, metallurgy powder, ore powder, refractory material and all others suitable for the tonnage bag packaging industry.