FIBC bag maintenance

FIBC bag

In different seasons, when using the FIBC bag, you need to pay attention to different matters. So what are the details you must pay attention to when using the FIBC bag?

When the FIBC bag is not used, fold it up as much as possible, reduce moisture and sunlight exposure, and shorten the service life of FIBC bag due to the impact of the external environment. But also pay attention to rain and snow, low freezing temperature, cold weather, will greatly reduce the application effect of the product.

There is also the problem of the secondary application. Before the secondary application is stopped, all the original loaded items should be emptied to prevent the loss caused by the mixing of items. There are also problems with its application environment to reduce its impact on the FIBC bag. The vast majority of FIBC bag‘s consumers have the ability to resist the corrosion of acid, alkali, and other chemicals. Therefore, when using and storing, the request is not too high, and it can also bring a lot of conveniences.

Because of its excellent electrical insulation, its external resistance and volume resistance are very large, the breakdown voltage is large, and the dielectric loss angle tangent value is small. Introduction to FIBC bag’s usual method of self-care:

In the process of using the FIBC bag, we are sure to encounter some problems with how to pack. Today, the manufacturers of ton bags simply introduce the method of FIBC bag’s self-care.

Under the condition of direct sunlight, the strength of the FIBC bag will be reduced to 25 in one week and 40 in two weeks, which can’t be used at all. Therefore, the FIBC bag should be stored in a cool and clean room. During transportation, it should be kept away from the sun and rain. It should not be close to the heat source. The storage period should not exceed 18 months.

In practice, it is possible for FIBC Bag to age in 18 months, so the effective period of FIBC Bag should be shortened and 12 months should be the appropriate period.

Research methods, pay attention to efficiency so that the ability does not delay the normal use of container bags, saving consumption costs.