Dry bulk liner sewing process quality assessment indicators

Dry bulk liner

Dry bulk liner and other products appearance quality: sewing requirements straight, no off needle break, no floating line, hanging line, no leakage seam; lock seam needle and needle back needle fixed not less than (3-5) needle; four (or two) sling length to the same amount; bag, bag top and bottom of the bag to be uniform folding, not curved; stiffener sewing direction allow hair, thread, insects, debris and other impurities.
   Dry bulk liner suture is not straight, the sewing needle from below the requirements, fold the width of the excessive, the Joint over the standard provisions, there are stains on the suture and other phenomena have been determined to allow the release.
   Dry bulk liner break, jump needle, sewing thread head margin exceeds the standard requirements, Dry bulk liner lock seam needle, needle drop, the needle must be fixed at the back of the needle, if not in accordance with the provisions of the back of the needle.
  100%QC check the finished bag found: Dry bulk liner bag outside untreated clean thread, flat yarn etc..Inside the bag there are sewing needles, bag top, bottom, and other bag accessories. The sewing machine contaminates the bag. Man-made acts contaminate the bag. Because the wrong method of sewing or sewing is not standardized, sewing machine damage bags and other issues leading to the bag scrapped.