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Several characteristics of the container bag are described in detail

container bag

The raw materials of container bag are PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene) composition, container bag with lightweight, good electrical insulation, good corrosion resistance, easy to process and shape characteristics. container bag has some of the general characteristics of PP as well as its own characteristics.

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1 tonne bags the processing technology

1 tonne bags

The development of chemical industry inevitably promotes the market expansion of 1-tonne bags. So far, the technological process is quite similar, but the main difference lies in one kind of attitude towards quality and the spirit of pursuing excellence.

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What sizes do bulk bags come in?

Bulk bags come in many different sizes and styles, and can be customized into almost any 3 dimensional size possible for your product. There are limits to the sizes, but a standard bulk bag base dimension is 35″ x 35”, while the height of a bulk bag can range up to 96” plus inches tall. Again, the size and…

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The use and characteristics of aluminum foil bags

Aluminium Bulk Bag

Aluminum foil bags clean and beautiful appearance, capable of reflecting 97% of the sub-shot heat (such as solar heat).It is mainly used for ventilation pipe wrapping, HVAC pipe wrapping, roof, wall, floor and other impermeable insulation, used as glass wool, rock wool and another veneer, more environmentally friendly.

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