Analiza e prishjes së fijeve gjatë qepjes së çantave FIBC


During the daily sewing of Çanta FIBC, është e pashmangshme që pajisjet për përpunimin e rrobave, qoftë të endura apo të thurura, do të thyejnë hala, fijet, qepje të anashkaluara, rrudhosja e pëlhurës, trashësitë e thurjeve që nuk zhduken, etj. Thyerja e fijeve është veçanërisht e shpeshtë dhe e ndërlikuar për tu trajtuar. It is therefore necessary to analyze and discuss the problem of thread breakage during sewing in the apparel industry.

The fact that FIBC bags are used so widely and that the production of FIBC bags is increasing every year is a sign of social recognition of the FIBC bag. It plays a very important role in our life, and many of its features are very obvious.

The author is fortunate to have a long-term all-round, multi-level in-depth experience to many different types and scales of manufacturers, plus the experience of years of higher education as theoretical basis, so in today’s rapid development of FIBC bag industry, the author is obliged to undertake the research on this subject and summarize it on paper. The problem of thread breakage can be summarized as how to make quick and correct judgments and take appropriate measures in response to specific thread breakage phenomena, and how to correctly solve the fabric-needle-stitch relationship in different types and sizes of sewing operations.

Determine the specific thread breakage phenomenon and take corresponding measures. No matter what kind of garment processing machinery, even the commonly used flat sewing machine with relatively simple structure, there are more than ten over-threaded parts (many over-threaded parts of the sewing equipment make the bottom and surface lines change the direction of thread transmission orderly and shorten the distance of thread transmission to get the corresponding friction in a relaxed manner, which is the necessary condition and key to ensure the interweaving of threads), if you don’t identify the cause and blindly check everything from the beginning, the human energy will be reduced. and time will cause an unnecessary waste.

In simple terms, the threads are usually broken in three shapes: uneven, short-hair and long-hair.

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